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Hi there, I'm Matt Cicoria. I started this podcast mainly because I couldn't find something like it to listen to on iTunes. To clarify, I wasn't looking to hear the sound of my own voice through the car's speakers. Instead, I was looking for easily accessible, behavior analytic content to listen to. Like many behavior analysts, I do quite a bit of driving during the work day, and as you can imagine, it gets kind of old to channel surf across the top-40/public radio/classic hits/sports-talk radio offerings over the course of a 100+ mile travel day. In fact, you can see what this did to the scan button in my car.

Over the last few years, I began listening to podcasts in my car to broaden my listening options (and by the way, if you're not familiar with podcasts, here is a good synopsis of what they are). And while I found a few podcasts that talked about behavioral issues, the ones I found were not solely about Applied Behavior Analysis. So in the spring of 2015, I got this crazy idea of starting my own show, despite having zero experience in broadcasting, website development, audio recording, etc... The overall concept - to interview interesting people in the behavior analysis field - formed the basis of the Behavioral Observations Podcast.

My goal is to have a relaxed interview format rather than a regimented series of questions and answers. Basically, the aesthetic I'm shooting for something between NPR's, "Fresh Air," and Saturday Night Live's, "The Chris Farley Show." 

As you're probably starting to figure out, I like to talk about behavior. A lot. To anyone. Seriously, I do…

Because this is an “About,” page, here are some details about me:

1. As a junior Psychology major at the University of New Hampshire in the 90's, I stumbled across the class, “Applied Behavior Analysis, and its Applications.” We read Dick Malott’s book, and it turned on several lights for me. You might say that it occasioned many private events. First, the simple elegance of Behavior Analysis was appealing, and second, Dick’s book showed a clear pathway towards employment in Psychology that did not include academic or traditional clinical psychology routes. In other words, ABA provided a different, and to me, a seemingly more accessible career path. 

2. My early exposure to Behavior Analysis was in animal behavior laboratories, which I believe is increasingly uncommon for BCBA’s. At UNH, I worked in the pigeon lab as my undergraduate work-study gig, and the research for master’s thesis at Auburn University examined how dogs detect TNT (yes, we had dog-size operant chambers!).

3. In 2007, after having worked for a couple of great organizations, I started Positive Behavioral Outcomes, LLC. In my practice, I consult with schools and agencies across New Hampshire and Vermont.

4. I live in New Hampshire with my lovely and talented wife. I may be biased, but I think she would be a terrific behavior analyst; but for reasons that remain incomprehensible to me, she enjoys teaching English at our local high school. We have three awesome kids who are constant reminders that we behavior analysts do not have everything figured out!

So if you get a chance, please leave a comment to say hello, introduce yourself, or share what’s on your mind.



Matt Cicoria

Matt Cicoria

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