Podcast NH Meetup 2019

It's Finally Offical! Podcast NH Meetup 2019 Is Scheduled For November 16th!

Find details below, there are only 100 total tickets to this event so get them now! 



2018 PodcastNH Meetup

2018 PodcastNH Meetup was a HUGE success. It was held on November 17th, 2018 at the NH Audubon in Concord, NH.

25 Individuals and 16 unique shows were represented, there was an active Live Stream for the entirety of the event Streamed directly to PodcastNH's Facebook Page. There were guest speakers, an OPEN BAR, free food, on-site content creation (including entire episodes recorded by The Plunge and iDunnoRadio) manned by an audio technician so podcasters didn't have to worry about their audio and could focus on content, show cross-promotion bumpers created, and even NPR's NH Branch (NHPR) sent representatives to speak with these independent podcasters and learn what PodcastNH is all about!

PodcastNH has set the standard for Official Podcast Meetups.

Podcast Collaborations

Find here examples of cross-promo episodes on the channel