About This Show

 iDunno Radio is a low-grade, unpaid, risque, pit-stain of a Monday morning radio show! 

Here’s how each episode breaks down, and what YOU can contribute:  

Fishstick’s Top Pick Topics: You send in a topic that has two choices (i.e. “Toilet paper: crumple or fold”, or “Would you rather have tongues for fingers, or a finger as a tongue?”), and Fishstick picks his favorites, then the crew discusses them and hilarity ensues. 

The Brofessor’s Life De-Stresser: The Brofessor is (not) a certified life coach, and extends his (totally bullsh*t) expertise to you, our listeners! Call 304-566-WIDK (9435) and leave a voicemail with your life-advice question; The Brofessor and crew will give you the answer you need! 

Lulu’s Viewer Reviews: Lulu is an adventurous type. She’ll try anything, and she always speaks her mind. If you send it in, she will review it. Whether it’s an egg salad sandwich or a picture of your haircut, you can trust Lulu to use it in ways you wouldn’t ever think of.

Mulch’s News Garden: Mulch takes weird news stories and covers them in detail, and in conjecture.

Commercial Breaks: What would a radio station be without commercials? We have a ton of commercials already. Totally. Trust us. But, if you want to write a funny fictional commercial we will be happy to produce it and air it for free! Alternatively, if you want to actually pay money into this garbage, we will totally sell out for a real commercial at bargain rates.

Public Service Announcement: We are contractually obligated to air at least one PSA per broadcast. Please, no serious inquiries. Only stupid, ridiculous things.

Song: Licensing fees are expensive, but we do the best we can. By that, we mean we don’t pay for the music. It’s all either ours originally, or generously submitted by our listeners!

Email submissions for any of these topics to iDunnoRadio@gmail.com

Fishstick, Lulu, The Brofessor, & Mulch

Fishstick, Lulu, The Brofessor, & Mulch

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